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I've been coughing now for about 5 years, but lately its been waking me up during the nite and I feel like im choking. I have a lot of phlegm, which I didn't 1 year ago. I also cough so bad I vomit most mornings and have done for the last 12 years. I can't eat most things get stuck, or I just can't swallow and im thirsty all the time, my head feels like it s going to burst feels like pressure, and I'm constantly feeling sick. Is this to do with the illness (systemic sclerosis, Raynauds, rheumatoid arthritis) feeling very low at min :( I dont seem to get any answers from my doctors. jaxsx

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I too have had a chronic cough for years. I attribute lots of it to heartburn. It's always worse after I eat something. If I eat too much or something that disagrees with my stomach I go into a raging coughing fit and it doesn't stop until I throw up. Fits like that I definitely attribute to reflux. I have been able to eliminate most of the cough that results in phlegm. I eliminated dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese) and that reduce those coughs tremendously! No more morning coughing fits where I cough and spit (sorry) for 20 minutes or so. I've replaced milk with soy. Yes it takes getting use to it but I find it worth the tradeoff. I do miss cheese and ice cream! I do cheat sometimes and regret it in the morning, but if the ice cream was served over warm peach cobbler then it was well worth it. :P


I've brought the chronic cough issue up with my doctors as well and the comment I get is always the same "Well, it comes with the territory." UGH!


Try spreading your meals out - eat more often, but in small amounts. That might help. I hope you get some good ideas and can at least reduce the severity of your cough. I know it's not pleasant.


Big Hugs,

Janey Willis

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Hey Jaxs,

I've coughed for.., now lets see 5 years now also. I've taken all kinds of stuff - and still I cough. Typically I only have problems at night but I'm fighting some chest congestion.


A few weeks ago I was at Pulmonary Rehab and the nurse taught Postural Drainage, which is a natural way to counter-act gravity and encourage the gunk out. We spend most of our time standing upright which lets gravity naturally pull the lung gunk down in to the lungs. Tilting the lungs at least 10 degrees forces gravity to drain secretions in the lower lungs to areas that can be more easily coughed out. People with Cystic Fibrosis do something very similar. I've been practicing this technique every night when I watch tv and it's really lessened my coughing fits. It's a bit awkward at first... but give a few tries:


1. Pile a bunch of pillows up. A bunch.

2. Sit on them.

3. Slowly lay BACK lowing your head BELOW your hips at least 10 degrees, like you're a little upside down. This will give you the tilt to drain the gunk out of your lungs. You can swallow or spit the gunk - the nurse told me it doesn't matter.

4. Lay like this for 5 mins.

5. Repeat laying on the side of each hip and turn your chest to face the ceiling for a little twist.


You can use a small back massager along well... a woman's bra line... to further encourage the gunk out. There are other ways to give a tilt. I tried laying on my wedge pillow but my butt squished my wedge. Hahahhaha.



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HI Jaxs~


I too have a cronic cough. People at my work say it sounds like a smokers cough. (I don't smoke and never have) I had this problem for over 5 years and it typically only in the mornings until my lungs clear. I'm not sure if its milk related. I don't drink milk but I love cheese and eat very small amounts of other milk products. It's gotten to the point that I am going to bring it up at my next dr's appt. I haven't a clue if its illness related.


have a great weekend

Take care and stay warm,



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