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i'm going to berlin on tuesday!

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Wihiii just wanted to let you know that I'm going to visit my friend in Berlin. Imma leave tomorrow from Helsinki - Vantaa airport and be landing on Tegel, Berlin. I hope it is warmer in Berlin than here in Finland, so I wouldnt have that much trouble with Raynaud's in there. It's kinda weird to explain everyone why I don't want to go outside or anything!


Well anyway, my SUP treatments are going to have a pause,and I don't know how that's going to affect the result of the treatment. I think there has been some progress but I don't want to talk about it yet or get all happy about it, cause if it has not improved my skin at all, I'll get really miserable.


I hope I'll have great time in Berlin with my friend! I hope I can get all my meds to the plane, but because this is EU and they are all in my luggage I think there won't be any problems.



Have a great time everyone!


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I hope you have a WONDERFUL time in Berlin. It's always nice to be able to get a break from our routine days. Be safe and be happy.




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Have a fantastic time Emmi!

Diagnosed diffuse systemic scleroderma December 2005 (on my 30th birthday, as if turning 30 wasn't enough?!)

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Hello all!


I'm writing from Berlin. I have been here for a few days now and it has been great basicly :) Partying with some exchangestudent-friends of my friend (hot latin guys, Shame I have a boyfriend! ;) ) and visiting my friend's school, which is pretty different compared to finnish school system. Imma leave on monday, tomorrow we'll do some sight - seeing. Today we are going to meet the exchange students again and going to some club or something. It has been pretty multicultural holiday so far.. I've spoken 5 different languages, seen people from Japan, China, Central and South America, Finnland, Germany and the list goes on and on and on.. I'm pretty international person so I really like it in here :) I'm happy that my should blades have not been in pain too much, so I dont have to be in pain 247. It has been great thing too. I'm just worried (still) how this will affect my SUP treatments.


Well anyway, just wanted to let u kow how it is going :) I still have today and 2 more days to go! Wohou!


Hope u r all right,

and I wish I'd have time to read trough the other topics,

but I gotta run now.

Bye, Emmi

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Hi Emmi~


Wow 5 languages, that's very impressive. I wish I could be bilingual. Well, it sounds like you are having a blast. I hope you continue your vacation. Live like there's no tomorrow! :P

Take care and stay warm,



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