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exercise induced pulmonary hypertension

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My Dr. thinks I should be tested for exercise induced hypertension.

I will go ahead with a 6 minute walk next week, along with the usual tests.

He thinks that doing the strenuous exercise test with something stuck in your vein

is too much, as it can make Raynaud's worse. I am so frustrated. Usually I do fine

on the walk tests, as for me, they are not how it is in reality.

Then, he said it could be panic attacks. I am sure it's not that, as it's been going

on for so long, not just since we found out we were moving. He said if the tests are OK,

he could treat me for panic attacks. I feel bad first thing in the morning, as I wake up and

go downstairs to make coffee. Do people have those in morning upon waking up?

My echos and rh catheter were fine but then again, you are just lying there doing nothing.



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Hey girly,

As you know I have exercise induced PH. Are you getting a RHC or just an echo? I wouldn't be surprised if it were panic attacks. Does that feeling of suffocating come about suddenly like you can only breathe in the top part of your lungs? That's how my panic attacks were. When that happens try this breathing exercise:

1. put on hand on your chest and the other in your belly

2. exhale -- always exhale first

3. slowly inhale making the hand on your chest rise, then the area between your belly, then your belly.

4. make kissy lips and blow out slowly exhaling twice as long as you inhaled but don't breathe out all your breath. kissy lips is "Pursed Lip Beathing" which creates a back pressure that causes your lungs to bring in more oxygen than regular breathing.

5. breathe 2 or 3 normal breaths

6. then repeat


A pedicure & margarita will work too.


hugs, peanut

You can deprive the body but the soul needs chocolate

my HMO makes me wear a helmet...

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Oh Jen,


Oh dear, not something else?? You have too much going on. First of all, let's all get together for that pedicure and drink as Lisa suggests. :D


As far as panic attacks go, I wanted to tell you that so many people deny they have them when in fact they do. Most panic attacks happen at NIGHT!! People will head to the ER almost positive they are having a heart attack because they can't breathe etc.


The above link is primarily for attacks at night. Here is another one on panic attacks in general.


I'm certainly not suggesting this is what you have, but wanted you to have the information nonetheless.


Love ya girl!

Warm and gentle hugs,



ISN Support Specialist

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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