Painful ulcers on fingers

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Hi Phyllis~


Welcome aboard with big hugs from all of us. You found the right place we are all here for you. I've had painful digital ulcers on my fingers as well. I know that they are sooooo painful. At one point I just wanted to get the tip on my finger removed. (Not that I would actually do that, but the pain was so great I was just desperate for some relief. I was given the Nitro cream and that seemed to do the trick. I had my ulcer for well over a year. I did develope scar tissue from it which helped reduce the pain I was having. We all feel for you. I am really glad that you found a new dr. THIS IS NOT IN YOUR HEAD. THIS IS REAL!


Make you you keep us today with your dr's appt.

Take care and stay warm,



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Hi Phyllis,

I agree with everyone else. And, welcome to the forum! I have had horrible finger ulcers and the pain is unbelieveable! After my last one, which resulted in gangrene and my losing part of the finger, my doctor put me on Viagra and I haven't had a bad ulcer since! You might ask your new doctor about Viagra, Revatio (same thing as Viagra) and Cialis. For me, the Viagra was a miracle. I have since been switched to Cialis because my rheumatologist says it lasts longer. I just take 1/2 a pill every day.

Of course it's not in your head! That makes me furious that your doctor said that.

Good luck and please keep us posted.


Mary in Texas

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Hi Guys

Am I allowed to ask in this forum, what you all use on and for your ulcers, what kinds of dressing etc?

Susannah x

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Hi all

Ulcers is by far the worst part of this condition for me - I currently have 7. 4 on my fingers, 2 on my elbows and one on my arm.

I have tried EVERYTHING. The best thing I've found is plasters (bandaids) that completely seal the ulcer so no water or air can get in. Leave on as long as possible.

Hope you get relief - it does eventually work but because I'm having trouble giving up smoking I have made it worse for myself....



Diagnosed 2006 - Diffuse Scleroderma

Skin and lung involvement

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<< For those who have asked, I live in Pennsylvania. I did find another Rheumatologist at Thomas Jefferson.>>


Hi Phyllis ,


We live in State College and took Gareth to Dr Metzger in Pittsburgh. He's also a sclero specialist. There is another good one at John Hopkins, if you need one. Your first rheumatologist sounds like someone who definitely is in need of an attitude adjustment.


Take care, Everyone.


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