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belly button tearing

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I have an appt. with a dermatologist today & I'm trying to decide what things I should tell her. I have no diagnosis other than the Raynaud's and the dilated & irregular capillaries 2 years ago with a neg. ANA. & Pos. RF.


I know this sounds weird, but for several months now I keep getting this feeling just above my belly button (not on my skin, but subdermal) that feels like it's being ripped. When I tried to find what could cause belly button pain all I found was appendicitis or something that couldn't be the case because if that was it, whatever it was I read, then I would've needed treatment probably that day, so it couldn't be something that comes and goes all the time.


Then this other weird thing... goosebumps on my legs... sometimes I feel a patch of skin get tight on my leg, I look down & it's a patch of goosebumps. That may be just some normal thing, I don't know, it happens all the time, I will have a few patches at a time here & there. But lately, I've been feeling that same kind of sudden tightening on the upper portion of my face, like from my temples up into my scalp only there's no goosebumps. It just shrinks up, feels like I just received a facelift!


When I bend over, I feel skin pull tight across my lower back. and sometimes, if my hands aren't tight then just the skin pulls from the sides of my fingernails down and tips of fingers down, kind of pleated looking.

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Hi love,


I wonder if you have some sort of hernia? Ask about that.


Also, I have the goose bump thing! It's strange I know! I've had it off and on my whole life and I've never mentioned it to the doctor, as I didn't think it was related to Sclero.


As far as the other tugging and pulling, I do wonder if you are having some skin tightening.


As far as what to tell the doctor, tell him/her everything, even if it seems silly. The more info. they have the better. It may seem trivial to you, but it may be just the thing that helps them.


Really looking forward to hearing about your appt.

Warm and gentle hugs,



ISN Support Specialist

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Thanks a ton for the info, it's good to know what other people have that is normal or unrelated because I have no clue. You know how it is, anyone who had to go through this for a couple or few years until they found out what was wrong & got help, every new thing that comes up you wonder if it will ring any bells for the doctor.


My dermatologist had about 5 minutes with me....lol. She's my husband's dermatologist, he saw her once I should say. Anyways, I made the appt. to see if she could make my nails better like his got better with a month of lotrimin, so she took a couple of scrapes & said she'd have the results in 2 weeks. I asked her, briefly about skin tightening, she asked if my hands ever change color, like blue.... rofl. She doesn't know anything about me. I told her I have Raynaud's & about the nailfold capillaroscopy and that I had ana tests done 2 years ago & they were neg. Well, the ImG or something wasn't so they did it again & the next time it was neg.


She said it might be a good idea to rerun those tests & that she wants to wait for the culture to come back from my toe nails because she's going to have to run some labs then anyways to keep an eye on my liver because of the Lotrimen (sp).


She didn't give the sores (that you can't see) on the end of my toes the time of day. Maybe I shouldn't have called them sores...lol. They just are really sensitive to touch & hurt on the inside, just the big toe, in a pea sized spot. Maybe she thinks it has to do with the toe nail issue?

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