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In Loving Memory of Sherrill Knaggs

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The nonprofit International Scleroderma Network thanks the following people for their donation in loving memory of Sherrill Knaggs, longtime ISN volunteer whose inspirational story was the centerpiece of the Voices of Scleroderma Volume 2 book, who passed away on 02-27-08. (Also see: Donate in Memory) Posted 02/27/08.


Gene & Shelley Ensz

Judith Devlin

Carrie Maddoux

Pamela Roland

Joanne Wertz

Janey Willis

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Mere words cannot express how devasted I am to hear that Sherrill has passed away. Sherrill had a tremendously positive influence on our nonprofit ISN. I have never known anyone who gave so much, so selflessly. In defiance of all her pain and suffering, she continued to help people all throughout the world, in every way she could.


Sherrill served as ISN News Guide, ISN Guide to Collagen, ISN Dialysis Guide, ISN History of Scleroderma Guide, ISN Senior Artist, and ISN Thyroid Guide. She is also past Manager of Sclero MSN (now Sclero Forums) and she continued to serve as a behind-the-scenes Support Specialist for Sclero Forums, as well.


Her mother's inspiring artwork glorifies our site and our books, as does Sherrill's photographs, and will always be a comfort to us. Sherrill's inspirational story was the centerpiece for the ISN's book, Voices of Scleroderma Volume 2. The book series was illustrated by her mother, Ione Bridgman, who painted the book covers when she was in her very late 80's. Sherrill is survived by her husband, David Knaggs, and her mother, Ione Bridgman, both of New Zealand. (Also see: Sherrill Knaggs)

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..........oh Nooooooooooooooo


Tears are streaming down my face as I type this. I had been worried about her a few weeks back because I hadn't heard from her, so I emailed her. She wrote me this lengthy email giving me the details of how sick she was. After reading it, I couldn't believe she was so selfless to put the energy into even attempting to email me when she was so sick - it really touched my heart...


I will miss her terribly...


I haven't looked at the link yet, but I hope there is an address or something to send a card to her family?

I was so hoping to meet her when I visited my kids in New Zealand later this fall.

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I am also fighting back tears. From the beginning I have been inspired by Sherrill's posts. Sometimes when I got to feeling down I would think about something she said and it would pick me up. I loved her sense of humour and her wicked perspective on life. When I look at the work she and people like her have done, and what they have to cope with doing even simple things, it makes me almost embarrassed to moan about my piddling little problems.


Interesting to note that Sherrill approved many of the posts to the thread on her recent promotion to Senior Artist. Something special about that. She must have really cared a lot about the place to keep coming back even when she is so ill. I will miss the evidence of her midnight presence. We will all miss her.

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Oh Shelley...


I am SO SAD to read of Sherrill's passing... I wish I could have met her in person because I've felt a real kinship withher since my joining this forum. The loss is great, not only to this community because of her generous time unselfishly given and the warmth she emanated... but also her family, who lovingly stood by and shared a life of trials and difficulty, due to her health, yet selflessly complimented her daily offerings.


May they and all who knew Sherrill... feel the peace and comfort she now has. May her husband and mom feel warmth, for all they did... to support her determined abilities, albeit most difficult on the days she suffered more than usual.

Please know, dear family... that I appreciate all of your contributions... via Sherrill... to this forum. May your days ahead be filled with the love of knowing you were such an important part of her life.


My Sincere Condolences to her family.

Gentle Hugs,



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I don't know how to express my feelings except by talking to Sherrill.


Thank you Sherrill for your inspiration and for your will to educate and help others even when the task of doing so was so difficult for you. You dealt with so much more than any one of us will ever imagine. What many of us perceive as battles, you considered just another bump in the road.


Thanks to your husband for always being there for you. He always made sure you got out to smell the roses.


You will be missed.

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My sincere condolences to Sherrill's friends and family. I am sorry I didn't get to know her better while she was here. I know she was a kind, devoted and inspirational person to all of us. She will be sorely missed.


My thoughts are with her friends and family at this difficult time. May your memories of her comfort you in your sorrow.


Take Care,



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