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Tricuspid regurgitation

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Went for Echo and PFTs today. The echo tech are not allowed to tell you anything, but did say that I had mild tricuspid regurgitation - I know it is relatively common in the general population , but I didn't have it at last echo 8 months ago, so a bit concerned that have pulmonary hypertension. I don't know how common it is to have tricuspid regurgitation in SSC that is not due to PHT. anyone know?


PFT man also spooked me a bit - at the end of the tests asked if I had appointment with the rehumatologist- i told him that I would see him in about 10 days- he then said " It should be alright until then". What will be all right until then ? i thought but didn't ask (I know that they won't tell you anything.) Now feeling fragile and breathless - although have always felt fine , amazing what tricks the mnd can play when you convince yourself there is something wrong!:lol:


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Dear Lizzie,

Can sure understand why you would this would be so disconcerting.

I, for one, appreciate it when the techs "share" the findings. If your rheumatologist is the one who ordered

your test(s), then I have no doubt you will hear from him/her as soon as the dr receives the results.

If there are things of concern, doctors call immediately and yours would certainly get you in sooner than

the app't already set up, as that app't would be considered a follow-up app't, IMHO.


Keep us Posted, okay?

Lovin' Hugs,


Special Hugs,


Susie Kraft

ISN Support Specialist

ISN Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hi Lizzie ,


I am Gareth's Mom and don't have sclero. I do have a mild mitral valve prolapse and a moderate tricuspid regurgitation. Both occurred sometime during a one yr span between yearly physicals....around age 45-46. My primary care physician was very surprised when she found them. She asked me if I had been very sick or had the flu during the yr. I couldn't remember any incident that would cause heart problems. I have had no problems with either the mitral prolapse or the regurg.


Take care, Everyone.


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