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painful toe..digital ulcer?

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Hi Everyone,

I recently was admitted to hospital as my little toe was going a nice purple colour. I had an angioplasty in the hospital, where they inserted balloons to widen some viens/arteries. Its now two weeks on from this, and the underside of my little toe seems so sore and quite painful. The colour still isnt that great, although not quite as purple as before. I am thinking that perhaps I am developing a digital ulcer or a sore of somesort due to either the scleroderma or the critical ischema that I had. Has anyone else experienced this type of thing? and if so what treatment was offered. I have pushed my local hospital to see me next week to check it out before it gets worse, but you know what it's like...we worry..too much some times and want answers from people who really know...and thats got to be this board !!!!

Cheers everyone


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I had this same type of thing happen to me...way back when. This is actually how I was diagnosed with Raynaud's (first then a year later sclero). The tip of my right index finger was purple, for weeks, so I finally told my parents ans we went right to the dr. From there an ulcer formed and I almost lost the tip of my finger. I think in this situation it is ok to worry a bit and get back to the dr.'s. It's ok to worry and you don't want to loose your toe. Try to stay warm and get the blood flowing in your feet. I am not really sure what they did for me, it was 15 years ago, but I think it was just meds they put me on that eventually healed it.




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I have a very painful toe right now. There is a hard spot on the tip of it that rubs my shoe when I walk. It hurts so much for such a little thing. My physical therapist is using a cold laser on it. I got rid of another one like it about a year ago but it took a long time. So for now I just grin and bear it and hope it will go away soon.

ISN Artist

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Hi Everyone:


My subject of expertise as a victim as most on this forum know. Do not neglect any suspected finger or toe ulcer! After a second operation, I just lost my right big toe. It had to be amputated due to the gangrene that set in from a prolonged ulcer.


Mine too, started out as a painful endurance when wearing shoes all day at work. Nothing to look at or see as yet, but extremely painful none the less.


I waited too long and went to doctors unfamiliar with CREST and Scleroderma and it went untreated properly way toooooooooo long.


I'm on the mend now, minus one large toe and grateful that to date, had not progressed to half a foot, etc.


No matter how minor or foolish you may feel, investigate and probe at once until you get an answer. If not satisfied or uncomfortable with that answer, move on to someone more knowledgeable.





It is what it is...........

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Aw thanks everyone for replying. I went to the hospital today, and they think my little toe will not have to leave me which is good news. They suggested the sore spot is a possible a blood blister, strange comment as when I look at it in a mirror it looks white and I thought a blood blister is red, but hey, so I am not entirely convinced, however, it does seem to have lessened in the pain area over the last couple of days. They have been quite thorough and have told me to go back in two weeks time for a further check...I think I will use this two weeks to contact my sclero specialist and ask their opinion as I am due to see them shortly for a six month check up and they are unaware of the issues that have recently occured. LOL I always feel a lot better when I have talked to them as, like all of you know, unless you see someone who truely understands this desease, there is always this nagging doubt that they maybe professionals but they aint specialists!!!!.


Love to you all


Oh and a quick update on the shoulder manipulation I had about a month ago.....they said after the op that the shoulder was well and truely frozen and they felt it hadn't been that successful and I might have to go back in for another op using a camera and then cutting away the stuck tissue, Funnily enough, this is what my specialist suggested in the first place but my local hospital decided the more cruder op first..just proves my point really about professionals and specialsts as mentioned above LOL...still have issues with the range of motion, but there was some improvement. At least having a couple of steroid injections gave me some energy for about a week!! so its not all bad, hehehehe

Take care all of you and keep smiling

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