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? About Tooth Extraction W/ Possible Sinus Involvement

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Guest Sherrill

Now, now Emmie!


Definitely no "nice" yeast infection! :P I only have a 5 day course of antibiotics, so with any luck that should avoid any nasties! Here's hoping anyway! No particular pre meds before either, except the local anesthetic. Thank goodness that worked OK! I had an extraction about 3 years back where the local only partially worked, and it HURT!


The dentist has a picture on the ceiling of the surgery, so I concentrate on that to take my mind off what is happening. I don't look too closely at the different instruments as they approach either! They're not particularly inspiring! :unsure:


When the dentist had the crown off my tooth, she had a good look and said that I had a particularly bad fracture of the root. I said that when I do something I usually do it properly, and she thought it was very funny! But I do seem to specialize in that. :o

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I'm happy to hear that the yeastie beasties won't be a part of this horrow show, but ###### there's even a picture of the whole affair of the procedure on the ceiling and you watch it!!!!! At this point, I'm not askiing to be konked out, I have passed out!


You not only specialize in funny, you specialize in dental heroics as far as I am concerned.



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Guest Sherrill

Uh sorry Emmie!


The way I put it misled you. I said "the dentist has a picture on the ceiling of the surgery, so I concentrate on that to take my mind off what is happening".


What I meant was that there's a picture on the ceiling above the chair in the surgery! Its just a picture which gets changed every so often, and serves to take patients' minds off what is going on. I don't think a picture of WHAT is going on would help at all! :unsure: I don't really think I'd want to watch that! :P

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Hey Folks,


Oh my, seems like all our teeth are going at the same time. I too am losing a tooth. I have an old, old crown on a front tooth, and woke up the other day to find it loose. As some of you know, I've been working in the dental field for many years and just knew what was coming. Well, my office took a picture, and of course the root is fractured. And of course it has to come out, and I need a bone graft to fill in the space. I'm ever so grateful that I have friends in the dental community to take care of me, and at a discounted rate no less.


My big thing is to replace the missing tooth. My preference would be an implant but I doubt if I'll get clearance from my rheumatologist for that.... Sherrill, consider all your options before going ahead with bridgework.


Sherrill, I am so sorry for what you went through. Spending years in a periodontist's office I've seen such things and much worse. I once saw a poor woman who had some very bad dentistry- he had placed an implant 6 mm INTO her sinus- chronically infected after several years of course, of the bozo telling her everything was just fine. Well my doctor (who literally wrote the book they use in dental school) had to extract the implant, and the poor woman had draining through her nose and mouth for a long while afterwards, since there was now a big hole in her sinus cavity. It was so awful. The worst part is that she had paid the bozo mega bucks, then had to pay our office more mega bucks to get the job done right.


Well, there are many resources, not the least of which is the Academy of General Dentistry, they have dentists on call 24/7 for advice online. I highly recommend contacting them. Also your own local dental society can be helpful.


My own dentists are becoming experts in sclero, sadly through me and my own experiences.


Lots o'luck to us all,




Mary in Philly

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Hi Mary,


I am sorry to hear that you are joining the ranks of those needing an extraction! Owee! I hope it goes well for you and you are able to replace the tooth.


Your story sent chills down my spine! Oh, my goodness....that poor woman.


Do keep us posted on how you are doing.


Warm wishes,


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Guest Sherrill

Hi Mary,


It also occurred to me that we're all starting to lose our teeth! I hope it's not catchy or something! :lol: I'm sorry that you too have a fractured root. I hope they can satisfactorily do some sort of replacement for you. Why are they doing a bone graft? I know you said it was to fill the gap, but I haven't heard of that being done. Would it be a very deep socket? I've had gum grafting done which was bad enough, but I should imagine bone grafting would be worse!


I am interested in your comment to consider all my options before going ahead with bridgework. I have no doubt that you have seen dreadful mess ups with bridgework and other things too in your work. Like the poor woman with the implant in her sinus!!! What a dreadful dentist to do that!


My dentist does do implants, but said to me a while back that he wasn't keen on them for me with my sclero problems etc. I would think the tooth I have just had out would probably be too close to my sinus by all accounts to have an implant. I know after reading about the woman I just mentioned, I'd be rather nervous to have an implant there!


As far as I can see my options are fairly limited. One, I have an implant, which is probably ruled out. Two, I have a bridge made, which is not without its problems as the teeth each side of the gap are not as good as they could be. Three, I have a partial plate, which I am NOT keen on, as I'm very sensitive to things in my mouth, partly because the sclero has made my mouth smaller. And four, I put up with having a gap! The last one is not really an option, as the more teeth I have out, the more my mouth is going to shrink, because the teeth help keep it at least within reason. And also, the teeth seem to move so that the gap gets partly filled in, with consequent gaps between the others.


So, what do I do? I'd be interested to hear what you think.


Good luck with your tooth, and let us know how you get on!

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