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advice please!

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I got a copy of my PFT report today and it states on it the following:


Spiromtry is within normal limits. Gas transfer is mildly reduced. This would be consistent with lung parenchymal and /or pulmonary vascular dysfunction.


Does that mean I may have ILD or PH or both?


I am due to see my rheumatologist in a months time, cardiologist next week and for the first time Pulmonary doctor in two weeks time.


Many thanks for your input>



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Hi Celia,


It doesn't necessarily guarantee you have either or both, just that you may. And if you do, it sounds like you would be at a very early stage, which is exactly when you'd want to catch it.


As it happens I do have both, but the confirming diagnosis was only made when a chest CT showed the ILD and the bubble echo, regular echo, and then 'gold standard' - a right heart cath. - confirmed pulmonary hypertension.


The big important gotta-remember thing is that both of these complications are not always progressive and even if they are (over a long time, hopefully), treatments are improving all the time.


Best of luck to you! :D



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