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New morphea patches and return of symptoms

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Hi everyone!

I haven't posted for a while, but I've been reading often. I feel very fortunate because I had about four months of very few symptoms. But now things seem to be returning. New morphea patches, severe heartburn despite meds, mild raynauds (strange that it returns when the weather is starting to warm up), itchy skin, short of breath, etc.

I'm going to ask my MD to refer me to the scleroderma/morphea/autoimmune clinic (Dr. Kari Connelly, sclero expert) at UCSF (San Francisco). Has anyone seen this doctor?


I went to the rheumatology clinic at Stanford last may and it was a complete waste of time. They only new sclero from what they read in med school. I knew more than they did, and that's not saying much! Would love to here if anyone has seen the doctor at UCSF.

Thanks so much!

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Hello Bunky,

I'm sorry to hear that your symptoms r getting worse. I'm sure someone else here can give u better answers, just wanted to say that it's cool that u have found a real sclero expert! I hope that this professional will be able to give u the best care!

Take care and keep on smiling,


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