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has anyone done rituxan before for cancer. I have lupus and my next step is rituxan. and im a little nervous on what to expect.. i have to do inpatient for this so im a little concerened? anyone :)




im currently on cellcept..among all my other meds... im getting pulsed on 1000mg of steroids tomorrow as my vasculitis is acting up and im getting gangrene on my toes again fvrom where the ulcers were

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I was supposed to go on Rituxan but my insurance wouldn't approve it. Apparently it isn't an approved drug for sclero yet. Now I will be starting an IvG therapy which is some type of infursion that takes 3 days to get once a month for 3 months. We'll see if insurance approves this one before we do that too. Right now I'm on cellcept. Before that I was on cytoxan (chemo) but it started going after my bladder so she took me off it as it apparently can give you bladder cancer.


Hopefully somone will be better help than me.


Warm hugs.



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hello amy, i live in massachusetts and have systemic scleroderma. but, i actually feel better than I have in a couple of years. i am much more flexable, stronger, energetic, than when 1st diagnosed. i participated in a clinical trial at Boston University Medical Center which involved 2 six hour infusions of rituxan spaced 4 weeks apart. the drug kills off your B cells which make up a large portion of your immune system. when the B cells grow back approx. 1 year. they do not have certain markers on them that trigger autoimmune responses. simple theory? anyway from what I have heard most of the 15 participants who took rituxan had good responses. i had no side effects.


good luck doug wilson

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