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Low Grade Fevers?

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Hi all--


An odd question: Would low grade fevers (99-100) be a symptom of Scleroderma in general?


I caught a bad flu like thing in the middle of February, running fevers of 103-104 for a week then 100--102 for another week. And feeling pretty badly for yet a third week. It's now 4+ weeks since it started and my temp is still 99-100, despite 3 rounds of antiboiotics.


Maybe that's what's it's been before the flu, maybe it's something else...any thoughts?



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Dre,my normal temp is usually 95 or 96. When it's above that, then I know I have a temp.

I think everyones temp is diffrent. You may want to check with your Dr.

Hope you'll soon feel better.


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Hi dre


I got a sore throat about 3 weeks ago and it progressed down my chest abit and up to my nose, Im still coughing up phlegm and sneezing and I can be chilly when Im sitting, but as soon as I get up a walk or do a samll job around the house I get really hot and have to go sit down. The first year I got this disease I remember being mildly flu'y for months. Then I got my diagnosis. I havnt done anything about this lot and are just watching it. I do get concerned about it becoming something like pneumonia. I have generally noticed that colds and flus definately hang on alot longer since Ive been ill. Im probably no help, but in my experience, it goes with the territory. I wonder what others have to say!

Susannah x

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i always have a lowgrade fever. usually 98.9-100 my doctor says that's pretty normal for people with my condition. and I definitely feel it.

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