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My doctors are learning with me.

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I have mitro heart prolapse but have been told by my general practitioner that it isn't necessary to take the required pre meds before dental treatment anymore.


Just got back from my dentist. With all that has happened, I wasn't able to get to him in about a year except for emergencies.


The dentist asked if I pre medicated and I told him I'm on an antibiotic for phlebitis already but that the general practitioner informed me I don't need to be anymore for dental work. After checking out the cavity, he told me we would have to reschedule because with all that's going on now, ie. CREST, phlebitis, surgery, etc., he is reluctant until he speaks with my general practitioner and would feel much better pre medicating me as a safeguard. Apparently the antibiotic I'm on now is not recommended by the ADA as protection.


I guess it's kinda nice to have doctors know you personally and be cautious than to be just a "number".


GP's on vacation this week; at least cavity doesn't cause any pain.



It is what it is...........

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Hey Tru! Make sure you keep on top of your dental health. I have CREST and I have lost all of my teeth and now have full dentures. I started with dental problems after I had CREST for about 3 years. I stayed on top of it and I, too had a GREAT dentist who knew about sclero and the dental problems it can cause. I even had some of my jawbone dissolve! :( . My teeth didn't decay, they dissolved. I finally gave up trying to save the ones I could two years ago and had the rest pulled and got dentures. Dentures are no fun, but at least I don' t have the pain I had and I can eat, now swallowing is a different story :rolleyes:

Peace :)

Peace :)

Barbara aka relicmom1

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It IS great that your dentist takes into account your health... like him, I feel too many doctors throw caution to the wind and I don't feel that's at all wise, IMHO. Your dentist is using good judgement and I would feel very comfortable with a dentist such as yours, too!


Hope your tooth is taken care of soon... just glad it isn't giving you trouble.




Special Hugs,


Susie Kraft

ISN Support Specialist

ISN Chat Host

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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