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Instead of using frosting you can use this...

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My grandma was a diabetic and she loved her cakes. But the frosting was too sweet for her. Actually I have never seen her use frosting on anything ever. But she did put pudding on top of her cakes and boy they are so good. I like it better than frosting. Try it is really good.


I made a white cake yesterday and put pistachio pudding on top and put it in the fridge then when dinner was done and time for dessert pulled it out and had some.. so good!! I really like chocolate with chocolate.. Sam

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That does sounds yummy...............


When you say pudding though, is that like a packet mixture that you just add milk and mix with an electric beater then set it in the fridge?


Here in NZ, we actually call everything 'pudding'. We didn't grow up using the word 'dessert' until things got really mod and everything became 'gourmet', that would be about the 1990's.


Hey, what about chocolate mousse on top of a cake mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hehe


Have fun

Susannah x

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That's right, Susannah...the packet mixture as you described. I used to use pudding to frost cakes when my kids were small. I never cared for the sweet frostings there were, so thought this would make a good substitute.

These days, I love the "whipped topping" that's used :rolleyes:


Like your grandma, Sam... I don't mind cake without frosting, either!lol

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