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How successful has nitro-bid treatment been? I've been using it on my finger for almost 3 weeks and I thought it was getting better but now it's back to being even more painful than before. Then again I have had this ulcer for over a year.


I also have several ulcers on my right elbow any ideas how to apply nitro to that? i have bee doing a large circle around the affected area but it hasn't been helping either.

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Hi Omaeva~


Nitro-bid can be very helpful. I've learned from people here that I was applying it wrong. I love the analogy that a member here used.

Basically, you need to use it at the base of your fingers not directly on the ulcer itself. Your doctor will recommend how often you should apply it on a daily basis. You need to be consistant with it. It finally worked for me after I was using it correctly. It also helps with keeping ulcers away.


Hope this helps! :blink:

Take care and stay warm,



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