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Don't pass judgment on those who park in handicapped spot

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I agree with that! I don't use a handicap sticker or hang tag, but had a friend who did. I was parking my friend's car for her and someone apporached me telling me I should be ashamed because I was parking there. My response at that time was that he had no right approaching me not knowing what my handicap was. I preceeded to tell him my handicap was mental so he may want to beware. :lol:

I may have Scleroderma, but Scleroderma doesn't have me!

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I have gotten "The Look" when I've been parking in the handicap spot. Depending on my mood, there have been times I wanted to say something to the insensitive idiots, but I didn't stoop to their level :P . I KNOW why I have the handicapped plate and that 's all that matters to me :) . I do get aggravated though when there's a car parked in a handicapped spot WITHOUT the proper permit/tag. :angry: I often wonder just how stringent the laws are adhered to by the police when it comes to that. My primary care physician's office is in a building attached to a hospital and they now have valet parking and it has been a big relief. :)

Peace :)

Barbara aka relicmom1

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