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Has anyone had trouble the day after taking a hot bath before bed? It's always been one of my favorite ways to end the day and get ready for bed. I hadn't indulged myself in a month or so (since the weather turned warm again here in TX) so Saturday evening I took a hot steaming bath before crawling into bed. I lotioned up after and put my steroid cream on my forearms as always before crawling into bed but ...I woke up yesterday morning and my hands and forearms were more swollen than they'd been in months!!! And, it lasted most of the day which was very uncomfortable. Just a few days ago I recall checking out my arms and thinking "wow, that cream is finally working on the swelling. I can see the tendons in the back of my hand again". Keep in mind that I hadn't seen the tendons in my hands in several months due to swelling so that was a big deal :o) ... so my question ... are hot baths a no no before bed? in general? I can't find any other reason for the dramatic change over night...


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I bathe whenever I remember day or night... hahaha. Sometimes a bath or shower is good at night for those who have allergies cause it washes out all the allergy nasties which may stick to your pillow.



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my HMO makes me wear a helmet...

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