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My blood work came back today with low white cells 3.1 and over active thryoid, (started meds in Dec. for underactive thryoid and now it's overactive) anyway asked my dr if I could still go for another treatment in May and she referred me to my sclero dr and said it's her call, to me my number does not seem low? Anyone out there know anything about numbers and chemo, the treatment usually lowers numbers.




Feel pretty good just hoping I can finish my last treatment....

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If I recall correctly, the "normal" range for the WBC should be between 4 and 10. If yours is at 3 or so, then you are slightly below normal. When I was on the cyclophosphamide, the goal was to get me to below 4. My WBC before the cyclophosphamide was at almost 14 - or well above the 10 "normal" high.

Even with a WBC of 3, it does not mean you are at high risk of infection as your risk of infection is based on if you have a high or low neutriphil count. At least this was the way I understood that the doctors looked at blood counts.

By the end of my cyclophosphamide treatment, my WBC had been pushed below 4 to something like 3.5, however, my neutriphil count remained relatively the same. Now, 6 months after cyclophosphamide, my WBC is at the 10 or high range of normal.

Good Luck. Gidget

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My white count is about 3.0, and has been that way since I had a stem cell transplant for lymphoma 5 years ago. It does not seem to be a problem. No infection problems - and it rises when needed by the body (such as when I had hip replacement surgery) Red count (hemoglobin) is about 10.2, which is somewhat anemic, and a much bigger problem when combined with pulmonary hypertension. (both conditions cause shortness of breath. When I was on epogen (procrit) to increase my hemoglobin to about 14, I had much less trouble with shortness of breath). Unfortunately, procrit is not generally given when hemoglobin is above 10.



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Hi KellyA,


My WBC as well as RBC have been staying in the low range. In the last September, it was 2.5 and my Pulmonary specialist asked me to stop Cellcept. I have stopped Cellcept since and WBC is slowing coming back around 3.5-4 range. More important than WBC is Nutrophils, this should be in the range to fight infection. I have a record of last ten years of my blood reports and I have those in a spreadsheet. I have a pattern of low WBC and RBC for last ten years. I have symptoms of Scleroderma for almost ten years now.


Is there a relationship between low RBC/WBC and autoimmune disease?

Kind regards,





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