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Wrist Pain

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I don't remember injuring it.


I did do some light work in the yard and re organize the shed yesterday.


My index and middle finger on the same hand (right of course) are also turning purple more frequently and unprovoked by cold.


I've heard of tendon clicks. What are these and do they hurt?


My wrist feels like its sort of stuck. Just hurts to move it. Operating at about 50%.


I'll try my brace from years ago and see if that will help with the pain today.


Have a doctor appt with general practitioner for my painful calves on the 13th. I'll tough this out til then and tell him about it.


Thanks for listenin'


Take care,



Serena Justis

ISN Blogger

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hi Barefut,


Sure sorry to hear about your wrist bothering you so much. Wearing the brace sounds like a good idea. You could possibly be having some increased arthritis type symptoms due to the Scleroderma. Also, sounds like your fingers are acting up with Raynauds. Taking an anti-inflammatory may help with your wrist. Also keep gloves on for now, even in the house. As you know, I’m not a doctor, and I would suggest calling your provider, explaining the symptoms and not wait until your appointment on the 13th. A quick phone call might give you reassurance.


I found a link that might be helpful to you.




Hang in there!!

Warm and gentle hugs,



ISN Support Specialist

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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Hi Barefut,


I know exactly what you mean. It seems like when I am getting ready to get a flare my wrist does the same thing. It hurts for a few days like I was swinging a baseball bat all day and then in a few days it goes away. Sometimes I have had to put on a brace just to help. My Dr. has no idea why this happens other than arthritis. I also have more Rynauds attacks before I flare up.


Not sure if that helps other than you are not alone. If I ever find out more information I will pass it on. Until then, try and relax and take some anti inflamatories. They do help a little!!



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