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Hi Linda Lou,

I was diagnosed with sclero in my 30s and I'm now 65. I am doing pretty well, too! Just stay on top of symptoms, get help for pain and live your life!

Sorry you were dealt a double blow like that. I have an extremely supportive family and my husband is wonderful.

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Hi, Linda Lou. There is not much I can add to the good advice you have already received, but I just wanted to offer a hug and extend my welcome to the Forums. It is good to have you and I look forward to hearing more from you in further discussions.

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Linda lou,


I noticed in your first post you said something about a permanent tan. It's funny you mention that because every time I go the doctor, and the nurses take my vitals, they always mention my skin being tan, asking where I went on vacation etc...which I have not since my honeymoon 2 years ago. Is this common with sclero? Tanned skin? Just wondering as I havent seen anything on this subj.

Anyone have a similar experience? B)



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I really think you found this great site just in time. Those of us here... may be biased about "our family" and the information that is so abundant here.

We not only try to help, we are also here to support one another... emotionally.

Your feelings are also normal... so soon after diagnosis. However.... there are others here who also have diffuse and will likely share their thoughts, feelings and experinces with you. As a result, I hope you feel better about all aspects of your life and find the strength we all feel.... strength in numbers!


I'm sorry things ended as they did.. with your marriage.... but now, you can focus on becoming your own advocate and becoming empowered with as much information you need to feel a little less stressed.




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im not use to computers,so bare with me im glad you found someone else that will be supprt your ilness.im a strong person ,always thougt different,but I am stronger now.its cold here in saint john today,hands are very cold must keep my gloves on..im glad I found this sight and many nice people...thanks linda lou.


its really linda jean but my mother keeps saying linda lou, i go by,lynn,linder,linda,linda lou or whatever they want to call me..its a cold day today,,looking for some sun...linda lou

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i wasn't sure how long I have to live with this as theres no answer or support in saint john I almost died in oct as my blood was extremely low ,was still working didn't know how sick I was as I was devastated by my ex wanting leaving me in april...i do know that anyone who doesn't stand by you after 23 years isnt worth being with...his values are not the same as mine..im at peace with that now thers plenty of good as there is with bad.....linda lou thanks for your support


its a good thing that I like make up...i lke the tan look myself....my hands and arms are still red looking,soon it will turn brown as well,i hope...linda lou

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