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Linda lou,


Thats great that you got out with your mom and had fun. It's a good idea to drop the illness from the conversation and just not focus on it 24/7. I can't really do that with my mom, its all she wants to talk about when we're together and it starts to make me more nervous than I already am. I know shes worried and means well but I can only handle her in small infrequent doses if ya get my drift :(


Glad you didn't notice any black outfits in the room. I think I'll bring a garlic necklace with me next time Lol. The nurse that drew my blood had to write my name on all the vials she took and turned around and said to me "thank goodness you have a short last name" Hahaha! If I were still using my maiden name we would have been there all afternoon :D

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