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Back pain update

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In one of my recent posts, I mentioned that I had a very sore back.


Yesterday I went to see my local doctor and mentioned it to him and he thought I might have perforated my stomach ,as I had a Gastroscopy a few days before, and that's when the pain started. So I went to the A&E at the hospital and after 4 hours of extensive testing they finally checked my urine. My Urine showed that I probably have a Kidney Infection, that's why my kidney and back area was so sore. The doctors at the hospital has sent my urine sample off to pathology for further testing. I have been started on a strong dose of Keflex for 5 days and need to see my local doctor on Monday.


Does anyone think this is Scleroderma related?, the doctors at the hospital didn't know. I am due to see my Rheumatologist in a couple of weeks time.


Many thanks to all

Celia :huh:

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Hi Celia,


So, they ruled out the perforated stomach? Thank goodness for that. (whew!).

I don't know for sure if the infection is sclero related, but my guess would be no.

I did a search online and no where does it show kidney infections related to sclero. But of course you have to bring that up with your rheumatologist when you see him.

Let us know how you are doing with the antibiotic and the infection.



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Hi Celia


I'm not sure either....but they said a kidney infection and not a kidney stone, right? Just curious, did they do an x-ray?


I hope you're feeling better today!

Sending good wishes your way!

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