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Hi all and all newbies,I've been out as my 'puter was down and out for the count but its good to be back.For those who remember my hubby has memory problems and they have gottten worse sorry to say but I cope! However his blood sugar is great and for that I'm thankful.I'm trying to get him to walk as we have such nice weather here right now but its not always that he will go! Our oldest daughter had spinal fusion surgery in Houston and when she came home we somehow managed to take care of her,her 7 year old-brought to school,ballet etc.Don't ask me how I did it but when your child is in pain you find strength you didn't know you had.We'd leave on Friday as her husband was off and or grandaughter would come in from LSU-Baton Rouge to help take care of her but she had to leave on Sundays to go back to school so we would go back on Sundays.We did that for 4 weeks until she could finally drive a bit to bring our grandaughter to school and pick her up.Other friends took her to ballet with their little girls.she's wearing a back brace that goes all the way down to her leg and thats also part of the brace.She will still have to wear it when she returns to work at the end of the month.Our oldest son's mom-in-law passed away with cancer and a week later her husband commited suicide.So my poor daughter in law lost both her parents in one fell swoop.Somehow we will all make it through.I have eye appointments and gyn coming up and then my internist.Busy busy and I have to take my nap every day or I can't function.Now I must ask,have any of you experienced pain in the groin,vaginal area?I have terrible pain there and its worse when I go to bed when I attempt to get on my side I feel like a 'rolling of muscle'and it HURTS! Nothing takes it away and its not exactly a place where you can put something on it.Its been going on for a while now and I don't see gyn until next month.Oh well I've put up with pain before and I can again until I find out whats wrong.I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this,Its a delicate question but then who esle would understand surely not anyone I know around here! Thats why I have missed being online so much because I couldn't ask all of you the question thats bothering me.I miss Sherrill I came on here when this site was in its beginning and she answered so many concerns everyone had.Such a dear person to all and I know you'll all miss her as well.I hope that all of you are well and now that I;m back I will be popping in to see how things are going.Hugs to all.Mary-La.

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ShawMJ ~


Wow! Sounds like you and your family have sure been busy and devoted to each other. I love hearing how families take care of each other.


I'm sorry I do not have any experience with the kind of pain you are having. Do you have to wait so long for your appointment? sounds like you are uncomfortable enough to be seen right away. It's at least worth the phone call I'd say.


I'm glad to see you posting again!


Hang in there...

Take care,



Serena Justis

ISN Blogger

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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