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<<Meanwhile, I'm stranded here in Minnesota (pronounced Minee-SO-dah)>>


And, here I always pronounced it Min-a-SO-da!!!


Susannah....that is how I was *trying* to pronounce it....Raynowds. OK...I have the Raynaud's down......RayNose. Perhaps if we all try to say it correctly, people will start to understand us!!!


Take care, Everyone.


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Ah shucks... I'll jump in on this one since it cracks me up when a doctor corrects me... It is funny because I've heard it come from the mouth of a Rheumatologist, Immunologist, primary care physician, Cardiologist, & Neurologist & I swear they all pronounce it differently.


SO... it inspired me to do a little pronunciation research & I found that "aud" is pronounced "Oh" like hot is French is Chaud & pronounced the same way we pronounce "show" and I think some others mentioned that since it was a disease named after him, there is the "s" on the end.... making it sound the way we say "shows".


I couldn't find "Ray" exactly, so I say "Raynose"


I've heard from the "pros" Raynowds, ruhnowds, ruhnodes, ruhnose, ray-knawds, ruhknawds, raynows, & ruhnows.


That's why I can't help but have a slightly ammused smile each time I hear one pronounce it.

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To further add to the confusion: wouldn't the "s" at the end also be silent if one is to use French pronunciation? That would be "RAY-no". If there is a following word that begins with a vowel, the s would begin that word, like "Etas Unis" (United States) is pronounced "ay-TAH zu-NEE".


Which is why I never care if such a word is spoken with English pronunciation, since we do that with most every other language ("Moscow" doesn't come close to how a Russian would pronounce it). Thus "RAY-nodes", "RAY-nodds", "ray-NODES", or "ray-NODDS"all work, much as most English speakers pronounce the "s" in Paris.


This thread may need to be moved to a forum on linguistic philosophy...



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Hi Susannah,

I just noticed you are from NZ or maybe I knew that and forgot. My son and his wife are moving to NZ on June 6th. Her family is there so she is going home. Good news for her family, bad for mine! My picture is one of my grand daughters that will be going as well. They'll be living in Hastings.

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Did you ever think you'd be opening up such a can of worms? :lol:


This is one of the longest threads ever!


By the way, I was browsing the photo albums and saw your pictures of Gareth - What a totally handsome guy!

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Let's call it something new! BOY This Maurice (Raynaud) guy sure has something to be guilty of -- fancy naming something like this after his unpronouncable name, tut, tut!


In England we should call it Rain hard, because that's all it ever does!

I once heard it rather amusingly referred to as Rhinocerous disease! A lady I was in hospital with told her relatives. MMmm, my skin may be a bit tight but I ain't got the tusk yet!


We should call it candle fingers (white candle) or Icicle syndrome -- what do you think, LOL?


As ever. Best wishes

Barbara xxx

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