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Hives Update

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Morning Friends:


Update to the hives. I started taking the Doxepin on Tuesday. From the get go, this drug made me feel miserable. Kept feeling like I was going to pass out on standing. Also began the Zyvox for my foot. I have since switched the Doxepin to evening so I can sleep through it. The itching has since (fingers crossed) virtually disappeared but what I am left with are large welts that are peeling as if I were sunburned and feeling very sensitive and sore. I have been putting lotion on all over and drinking large quantities of water.


After two months straight of solid welts over my arms, legs and torso, I'm not quite sure this was just a case of hives. I recall as a youngster, my mother relaying a story of my father being affected with a similar condition. She would say his skin was like an alligator and he would shed constantly. Doctors could not identify the problem, but as sudden as it came, it left. I do remember him saying to my mother, look how purple my hands are.In looking back, I think my father may have had the disease, but was never identified. He had his first heart attack at 40 and again at 50 (when he passed). Upon autopsy, they said he had the internal body of a man in his 80's. He always had skin problems and way back then had to be very particular with detergents, soaps, etc. I relayed this to the Allergist on the first visit, but he dismissed it.


Since taking both drugs on the same day, I don't know whether to attribute the upturn to the Doxepin or the antibiotic.



It is what it is...........

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I hope the relief you are getting is permanent. It's interesting on your family history if there is any connection. It looks like you may have gotten an additional birthday present in getting some relief finally.


Warm hugs,



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Hey Tru


It's good you are finally getting some relief :) . The family history is interesting when you put it like that, you never know...maybe it is entwined somewhere?

Sending good wishes your way!

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