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Wishing you a good day!

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I wish every one a wonderful day. I want to wish all mothers or soon to be mothers a Happy Mother's Day.

I hope you cherrish those that you are with. And love from a distance those that you aren't able to be with. Just enjoy this day that we have been given. Happy, Happy to everyone.

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I'd like to share two of the best Mother's day presents I have ever gotten. The first poem was written by my daughter in 2004 and the second was written by my son in 2000. I wish all the Moms out there a Wonderful Mother's Day!





To Mom


To some love is just a word

To me, it is a feeling

A feeling I get everytime I look into your eyes

A feeling I get when I realize you're my Mom

A Mom who loves, shares a Mom who inspires


What's that?

That's love

A Mother's love that loves time and time again

Possibly too much, never the less, you did

Thank you

Thank you for being my rock when I should have been yours

Thank you for believing in me, even when I doubted myself

For being the one person I could trust

No matter what, no matter where

But most of all, thank you for being you - my Mom

A Mom I am so proud to claim

I love you

Now and Forever






And here is the one my son wrote in 2000





To My Mother


To the one who brought me into this world

Raised me and taught me right from wrong

this is for you, Mom

I love you

Whenever I need someone to talk to

Or just need a friend

I know you've been there

From the beginning til the end

To me you're more than a Mom,

You're also a friend

I love you Mom

I say again

Whenever I go through a tough time,

You've always been there

You brought me up in loving arms

And for that, I will strike and attack

When someone causes you harm

I will not let you feel pain caused by others

For I would fight to the death to protect you

For you are my Mother

Words can't express what you mean to me

You raised me right, and let my spirit soar free

Mother, for all your time that you have put aside

And everything else you've went through for me

I could never repay you


I Love You

You son

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