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I asked for a blanket in Egypt, sleep under the sheet's in Crete

My hands are always frozen, and also my poor old feet

I lie in the sun on vacation and hardly ever break sweat

I've never been overheated, leastways I think not yet!


My hubby thinks I'm weird, my daughter thinks I'm daft

A mother wrapped up in layers in case she feels a draught

The Greeks can't understand it, I shiver in the heat

Whilst they all dive for shelter, I pull up my seat.


The goosebumps cover my arms and legs, it's 104 degrees

I'm rubbing on the suncream before to death I freeze

I'm slowly going nicely brown but not without a price

Whilst others swelter in the sun I'm just like ice.


My suitcase is full of bikini's and summer skimpy wear

I think I need a jumper for the evening over there

"Let's sit beside the seafront and enjoy the lovely breeze"

But it's really just too windy for me, can I stay inside please?


My fingers blue and useless, my feet like blocks of stone

I'm really a strange person, definately one on my own

My thermostat's gone haywire I'm permanently cold

And even a glass of soda I find difficult to hold

OOpps there I go again with another Raynauds attack

What time are we going home again? I can't wait to get back!


Suitcases at the door as we turn the little key

It may not be Greece my dear but it will do for me

Kettle on, the fire lit, me in my best pyjammas

Next year I think we'll pay a visit to the bahamas

A volcano wouldn't be hot for you -- perhaps if we try Spain

I'm sure if you were in the dessert you'd still complain!


I would, I'm cold and that my friend is that!

It's not my fault no sir!-- my faulty thermostat!

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Guest Sadie

Barbara, I love that poem! You are a great writer! That is the truth about our raynauds. It's so strange how I can be so warm at times but my hands and feet are always cold. It sure is a weird disease!



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Wow, Barbara! That's great :)

Really tickled me. It hits the nails on the head for anyone with Raynauds. Especially the bit about the cool breeze being too cold!


Well done and thanks for making me smile




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It sounds just like me! It can be 100 degrees outside and I am still freezing. It really makes the hands and feet hurt!!!!!!!!!

I love the poem!


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Barbs if you want to be warm and not have to worry about the raynauds then you should come to La,where its always hot and most of the time in summer don't know WHAT a breeze is unless we get a hurricane and thats a lot more that breezes! I really did like your poem they're always so good and funny.Take care.Love hugs and smiles for all.Mary-La.

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