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Hi Barefut,


Just to be sure: my comment about penmanship was just an example of the fact that people get credits for positive developments in their treatment. However, you have raised the extremely important point about starting new treatments in the midst of being prequalified for life insurance.


Each case must be assessed individually. I will say this in general terms: first of all, never postpone medically necessary treatments. Having said that, if a procedure could be postponed but will need to be followed soon, it probably makes no sense to wait. But if a procedure could be postponed for the long-term – and again, assuming that would not jeopardize someone’s health – waiting could avoid complicating the prequalification process unnecessarily.


Thanks much for asking.

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"How much life insurance should I buy?" This is a question I hear many times. Often, people with Scleroderma feel they cannot purchase all the insurance they want for fear the cost would be prohibitive. This may or may not be true, depending on individual circumstances.


But the conversation should start with an analysis of needs and goals. The coverage may be more affordable than you think. Here is an article that can help you calulate your own needs:



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