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Hi all,


I've just changed to a new GI doctor and she would like to do an endoscopy (whoopee, another one!) She is thinking that she will try stretching the esophagus. I'm not sure I like that idea. Yes, I have dysmotility, but I don't see how stretching can help. Isn't it a lack of peristaltic activity causing the swallowing issues? I just want to make sure that the stretching won't do any damage.



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Hi Cordy,

I just went to my first GI and he supposedly stretched my esophagus because of swallowing trouble. I don't think it has greately helped because he stretched the lower sphincter area. I feel my swallowing trouble is happening higher, or is due to muscle coordination problems. I can't even tell that he did anything actually. You just have to stop taking any NSAIDs so you don't have any bleeding if they do a biopsy.


I might end up with the manometry test for checking muscle function of the esophagus, I'm waiting to see a sclero specialist to see what they think.



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It did help me. I see that you live in Suffolk. Did you get damage from the tornado? I hope not. I live in Richmond.


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