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Extreme Elbow Pain

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Once my ulcer on my elbow cleared I started developing some stiffness in it. And rapidly over 2 weeks it has progressed to immense pain, particularly today, it feels swollen, doesn't' look it. It's red though. I feel like the pain is inside, and also on the skin. I can barely straighten it or bend it again. I've been using aspercreme and advil, but it's not helping what so ever. The rheumatologist saw it last week, but the pain definitely wasn't like this and he told me to just watch it, and now it's saturday, i need to pack and move but I've got this. so I'm looking for simila0r stories and what you've done about it? Or an OTC medication that's helped you ease the pain, at least till monday :-

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Is it warm? Hot? I too woke with a pain the elbow, but I think I may have bumped it somewhere along the line. If it's swollen and red, I would go to the local emergency room, only because it could get out of control quickly and you don't want it to be in the middle of the night. Also, Monday is a holiday and I doubt the doctor would be there.


ER could give you antibiotics so it doesn't blow out of control. I've had the condition at least twice where it got swollen, red, hot and out of control.



It is what it is...........

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Thanks for the input. It's actually been rather chilly here, hence I'm so confused. But I've been taking some naproxen which seems to help a little. It has been really hot and swollen, yet the swelling is going down. I'll be sure to just keep my eye on it. Thanks again.

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