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I am curious, the area between my cuticles and the first knuckles is starting to get shiny. its not thick and my cuticles so far are either very thin or part of the shiny/redish area. Does that sound like anything any of you have had? Thanks, Sharon

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Hi Sharon,

The skin between my cuticles and first knuckles is also shiny, though I think mine is slightly thicker than the skin above the first knuckle. The other difference is that my cuticles are very thick &, I might add, ugly. I have a form of CREST (systemic sclerosis). Do you have a diagnosis? My rheumatologist indicated that the ugly, thick cuticles are from having Raynaud's for about 18 years. So, does that mean that you don't have Raynauds, or that you've had it for a short time?


If I'm not mistaken, I think the shiny skin is from the sclerosis, but it sounds interesting that your skin & cuticles aren't thicker. I will be interested to hear what, if any, other symptoms you have.


Best to you,


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Hi onecoolmom1, thank you for responding to my post. I have been diagnosed with morphea, had it for a year and have always heard/read that diffused and morphea are often confused diagnosis. I do have a wonderful scleroderma specialist. The shiny skin between my cuticles and 1 knuckle is new, just started I dont have raynauds (yet). I dont know if morphea can cause the shiny skin. It doesn't look thick though yet and my cuticles seem to be ok so far. Its just kinda weird. I showed my doctor and she said we would watch it. So I guess thats all I can do for now. I have only had skin involvement for a year and so far my tests are coming back negative. But I do experience quite a bit of acid burping, and sore joints. I also have sharp pains in my stomach at times. Im not sure if its all related or not. Sharon

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