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Hi, Kelly. I'd also like to welcome you to the Forums, a fantastic spot for information and support from members like Tru. Christy, I can't recall whether I welcomed you before, but I feel like I know you already from your posts. Happy that both of you have found us.

Tru, while it is true that Scleroderma is not hereditary in the since that there is no direct transfer of the disease through genes, there are genetic circumstances which predispose the susceptibility to autoimmune disease. It is not uncommon to find family clusters of several different autoimmune diseases. Our page on Causes of Scleroderma: Genetics has quite a few articles which you may find interesting. Here is one:

Genetics and proteomics in scleroderma. Genetic, familial, and twin studies suggest that SSc occurs in genetically susceptible individuals. Recent high-throughput technologies, including gene expression profiling and proteomics, have accelerated the rate of information acquired on possible mechanisms involved in SSc pathogenesis. PubMed. Curr Rheumatol Rep. 2005 Apr;7(2):129-34.

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Hi Christy,

Welcome. I was a regular member, but dissapeared for a bit so sorry for the late welcome. I'm so glad you found a competent Rheumatologist. That's priceless.

I also have a cat, her name is Shelly and she keeps me smiling.


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