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Hello all, I know it's been awhile but I'm feeling pretty good but I still have pains in my hips and neck and my left arm is bothering me again. But the muscle pain is gone YAY! I have been on lyrica for 4 weeks now I'm on two pills in the morning and two at night. I do better with the two pills at night.


I just started taking the two pills in the morning on Monday and I'm not adjusted to it yet. Hopefully soon though. I am so grateful my doctor wanted to put me on this. It has helped alot.


Well Sunday my daughter in law Brooke will be going in the hospital to be induced. "We are having a girl and and her name will be Payton Carol-Jean.

We are going to pick up Alexia and she is going to stay with us until sometime on Monday. Were hoping the baby will be born on Sunday but if not no big deal. I'm excited about the new baby coming and that Alexia gets to stay with Grandma DeTray..


I have been working out 3 times a week and I really enjoy it. Now if I can find a job a part time one that would be great. I do sell Arbonne products and really enjoy doing that but I'm not always doing parties. So I work at my own pace which is good but I would like to be a bit more bussier than I am.


Well I'm gonna go my pain meds are kicking in. Take care, Sam

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Sam, I am happy to hear that the Lyrica is starting to help you with some of your pain. Sorry to hear that your shoulder is still giving you problems. I am still going for therapy 3 times a week to fix my shoulder issues. Seems to be working buy quite slowly. Well, congratulations on getting to be grandma to another wonderful baby. Payton is such a cute name. Let everyone here know weight and size of your new addition to the family when she arrives. Times are tough on getting even part time work here in the area I am and you are. We aren't in the big city where we are close to many opportunities. Distance and gas prices would over shadow what we could earn in part time work.

I go in for another sleep study on Tuesday overnight and Wednesday all day with three naps. I hope I don't have to repeat this for quite awhile. I have so many things I need to be doing other than sleeping. One nap I can handle manybe even two. It will be hard to squeeze in three naps from 6am until 3 in the afternoon. My new doctor thinks I need the pressures changed in my Bi-Pap machine and wants to check other issues going on with my sleep habits. I'll keep you informed. Stay in touch.

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Yes the Lyrica is helping I have noticed that I also have more energy now and that sleeping at night is good to, the muscle pain is better. Thanks all, Sam

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