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More symptoms... do they ever stop coming?

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I hate going to the doctor! I'm sick of going, they never know anything. For the last several months, sometimes when I lay down at night my entire abdomen (around to my back) feels like...well, I hate to say a seizure...sounds so dramatic & it's not that dramatic, but like a contraction or something... never painful. Last night though, as soon as I laid down on my stomach... very painful & contraction feeling, just like labor. I can feel it in my lower back... it's so painful.


I tried to just lay there thinking maybe my body was tense & needed to relax... that lasted about 30 seconds & I couldn't take it so I turned to my side which eleviated it about 75% & it slowly went away.


I get these vibration (like your cellphone feels in your pocket when it is on vibrate) down the inside of my left arm, in my left flank & across my chest. My back often feels rigid & I have to make a conscious effort to relax which helps very little.


Anyways, I know nobody has answers but I just feel like crying, I'm sick of feeling sick, I sick of being tired. I have plans! I want to be a nurse practitioner! I LOVE school, I LOVE my life & I'm sick of everything getting in my WAY! I seriously should just go to Mayo or Uof M or something, show them my pictures, have them check my skin thickness & tell them the whole story. I realized the "wrinkles" on my ankles are just thick skin.


Thank you for listening. I'll cheer up... I swear....lol :P

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Hi Luvbnmom3, Someone in a post the other day said we have sunshine days and cloudy days. You're just having a cloudy day today. Hang in there. Tommorrow will be sunny. I'm sure others will chime in to help you through this. We're all in this together. Good luck, Birdman

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Hi Luvbnmom3,


I've had similar symptoms in my abdomen and upper legs, where I think my phone is vibrating, but I don't have my phone. I have it most often in my lower abdomen. Its like a spasm I guess. I haven't mentioned it to anyone before, but I see a sclero specialist in a week, and I was planning to mention it then. With so many questions and weird symptoms to ask about, I won't even know where to start! Anyway, I hope you figure this out.


Take care,


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Hello luvbn~


You know, I have felt the same kind of thing before too - not painful but just bizzare. I can't tell if it's a rapid heartbeat or an esophageal spasm but it's like a jackhammer in my chest.


Other times I feel like my whole body is buzzing (no not from too many beers :lol: )


I feel the same as you do sometimes - Sick and tired of being sick and tired as they say. It's SO not fair that sclero has to mess with all of our plans but you know what? You can still do what you want to do only with some adjustments and it may even take longer to get there - which is frustrating - but you can still do it!


So glad to hear you vent it out 'loud' here. That's what we're here for. Get rid of it and get back to living your life and not this disease.

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Hi love, I've had the vibrations also but not for a while. Hopefully yours will let up soon too. I used to have a feeling like I was being squeezed around my chest and middle when I would lay flat. That thankfully has gone for now as well. Oh what will be the next weird symptom to pop up. You are not alone my dear. Hang in there.

Hugs, Piper

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I'm in with the others....I think you're just having one of those really cloudy days and this is a good place to let it all out. Hopefully, that symptom will subside soon for you like it did for some of the others.

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