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Truman (Linda) in the hospital

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my name is ryan, and I am one of truman's (linda's) son's. i'm quite certain some of you know her here. well, i wanted to take a moment to let you all know she was admitted into the hospital late thursday night for low blood pressure, and some skin issues. you'll have to bear with me as I am not even 100 percent on exactly what's happening, as it tends to change day by day. she is doing much better as we speak, however, i was thinking perhaps some well wishes would make things even better still. i know she has come to make some good friends on this message board to which she is thankful for.


I brought her computer to her, so I know she is checking her e mail, and online almost all the time there. maybe if you choose, you could drop her a line if you feel so inclined (you can send her an email through the Forums Site Control panel, at http://www.sclero.org/forums/index.php?showuser=2182) and just see how she's doing, and let her know you care...i know it would go a long way




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Hey Tru


Sorry to hear you have been stuck in the hospital for a while. I sure hope you feel much better soon and are on your way to a speedy recovery. We've missed you!!


Ryan, thank you so much for the update on your mom.


I'll keep all of you in my thoughts too!

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Hi Linda,


I'm so sorry you are in the hospital. Get better soon. I hope your toe is getting better too. Thanks, Ryan, for letting us know about your mom.


Take care,



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