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Truman (Linda) in the hospital

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Thanks Ryan for keeping our members informed. We worry about each other.

By now hopefully, Linda you are home in your own house resting from your several days at the hospital. Let us know how things are going. You will get your strength back soon and be taking those brisk walks and doing your routine of old. Get well soon and write us when you feel up to it.

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Thanks for letting us know about your mother.



Hope you are doing better. The hospital is not a fun place to be and I hope you don'g have to stay too long. Best wishes for a healthier you!



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Just a short note to such wonderful friends....I came home today, but extremely tired and tough getting up and down right now and a bit shaky. Hospital mistake caused a couple of extra days on the cardiac ward. Will post more as I get a little strength back. Wanted to thank all for the caring and thoughts that are constantly shown on this forum. The support is so important in all aspects of things that affect our lives living with this illness.





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Hi Linda ,


So glad to hear you are home....there's no place like home, there's no place like home.......especially when it comes to recuperating!!! Give me my own bed any day over a hospital room.


Will keep you in my thoughts,


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