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Awesome rheumatologist Visit

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I have mentioned before that I have seen 4 different Rhuemos locally (within the past 3 years) and 3 of them did not feel I had Sclero or try to find out what was going on. I really liked the last one, but she was hard to get in to see (had to make an appt 3-4 months out) and I moved so she became further to get to. I also didn't think she liked the fact that I was seeing a Sclero specialist in South Carolina.


Anyway, my primary referred me to another rheumatologist. I'd also heard a rave review from someone whose sister saw this rheumatologist as well. I saw him today and I was really excited after my visit! :lol: I was there 2 1/2 hours :( , but it was worth it. He was personable, knowledgeable, asked me about my history, knows of my S.C. rheumatologist and doesn't mind coordinating care with him or my primary and took the time to do a very thorough exam. Knowing that this disease can wreak havoc at a moment's notice, he also gave me his pager number and email address. That is very uncommon and I greatly appreciated it.


He also conducts clinical trials on other auto immune related diseases so he's interested in learning about these disorders. Hopefully Sclero will make the list one day.


Just had to share my good news!

I may have Scleroderma, but Scleroderma doesn't have me!

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WOW Smac0719


That's great news...finally someone that you can relate to for your health care.....and to top it off, he gave you his contact information in case you need him!! I'm very happy for you! :) :) :)

Sending good wishes your way!

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