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Hi, Heidi!

It was easy to sign up, although I hit a snag right at first! Thanks for your help with that!

Now, I'm trying to figure out how to get bigger fonts, and be able to choose the front and color I want. So far, it's just putting numbers up at the top of this page! I'll keep playing around with it. I really hate this tiny print. I can barely see it.

I think this is going to be really nice.


Mary in Texas

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Let us know if you have any problems with posting your picture and creating a picture gallery. The main thing to remember is image size. Try to keep your pictures under 50kbytes (I believe) and I think the dimensions need to be less than 200 pixels square. Of course, the software does make adjustments if things are close. I think it gives you all this information when you try to post. The file format (.gif, .bmg, jpeg) is also important.

Good luck. Let's us know how it goes.

Big Hugs,

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Hi Sweet,



To post pictures in the photo gallery, go to "My Controls" again (just like you did to post your personal photo). On the left hand side, you will see a selection for "Invision Gallery" and under that "Your albums". Click on that and you will find the instructions/directions for setting up your own gallery.


On that page (i.e., My controls), you will also see a section on the left for "Personal Profile". That is where you found the selection for "Change Personal Photo". You will also see a selection there that says, "Edit Avatar Settings". If you go there, you can either select an avatar listed or upload a photo of your own to use as your avatar (like Shelley's photo, my beach scene, Lisa's flower, Janey's rainbow).


I hope this helps!


Warm wishes,


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