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How Easy Was It?

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Welcome Yvette! Hope you will find this is a great oasis of information and support. Do post a message on the main forum introducing yourself and telling us why you are here. :D

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I have had one answer, I might not ask the right questions, but the reason I ask what I do is because my farther has systemic scleroderma and I'm finding it hard to know what to do for him and what things to ask for from his doctor. He is at the end of his pain but they said that a year ago. I tend to ask questions that might upset people but I don't mean to. I like to put things as I see them as I ask these questions. I'm losing my own mind literally. My speech is starting to go .....sorry for having a go. It's just I need answers right now..................


love and peace to everyonexxxx


I think I should be on the dementia website

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Registration and log-in were both very simple. I especially like that you confirm each step as being successfully completed as you go (green check mark to the right) so there is not a lot of filling out everything, hitting submit, and being taken back to fix an error. I hope the rest of the site is this easy!


debo_92 :rolleyes:

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