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Cardizem/Diltiazem dosage

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Hi Cardizem takers,

My rheumatologist started me on 120 mg of Cardizem/Diltiazem about a month ago, and when that didn't work, she raised me to 180 mg. She said that would probably be the highest dose of that med that she could give me because my blood pressure is slightly low. Well, the 180 mg helps a little, but I still get attacks, and they take a while to go away even when I warm my hands. So......is anyone taking this drug at these dosages, and, if so, what kind of relief, if any, are you getting?


Has anyone taken this drug and changed to another because Cardizem didn't work? Hoping to hear others' experiences because I'm wondering if this annoying Raynaud's can be brought under control.


Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to warm hands in the summer months,



One uncool mom

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