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What does your bloodwork show?

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I am just curious as to what, if any, abnormalities have shown up in your bloodwork, and what you have been diagnosed with. Thanks! Eileen

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Hi Eileen. Before she would approve my request to see a rheumatologist, my primary care doctor sent me for bloodwork, and the results were: positive ANA (with titer >1:2560, Centromere pattern, negative SCL-70). I saw the rheumatologist a couple of weeks later and, based on the bloodwork plus a clinical evaluation, he diagnosed me with limited systemic sclerosis.


I also have other, inconsistent abnormalities including low hemoglobin/hematocrit/etc (due to GAVE), high TSH (possibly due to thyroid issues), low neutrophil/lymphocyte counts (no explanation), high ALT/AST (again, no explanation).



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Hi Eileen ,


For blood work, my son had the + ANA, + Anti-RNA Ploymerase 1/111, high fibrinogen, negative SCL-70 and a high sed rate.


For symptoms, he had the esophageal dismotility, loss of voice, restricted lung disease, chest (sternum/rib cage) pain, esophageal spasms, and major fatigue.


Initailly, the doctors thought sine Scleroderma but he ended up with the diagnosis of UCTD. He has been on Plaquenil for a year now and is doing OK.


Take care, Everyone.


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