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Recap of our trip

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I have so many relatives spread out over NY that I tried to incorporate seeing them all in one visit. My husband is from upstate NY, and we go once a year to see his dad, but I wanted to visit my aunt and cousins on Long island, where I am from, and visit my oldest son(24) who moved to NYC 2 years ago.(absolutely did not want to drive into or thru the city) On Saturday the 7th I flew into Long Island with my daughter who is 14, and my son who is almost 4 (he is autistic).My husband would fly into upstate later in the week. We stayed with my beloved aunt M, and as always my aunt and cousins rolled out the red carpet for us. She has 6 kids and them, their spouses and kids visited with us on and off for the 3 days we were there. My uncle who is 83, is a gourmet chef and as usual the food was outstanding and plentiful. It was pretty much a nonstop party!

The next part of our trip required taking the train from LI into NYC,(this was Tuesday) and then taking subways to my sons apartment. This was a major task as we had luggage, a stroller and my little guy to carry. Those of you who have been to NYC know the subways have lots of stairs and are not friendly to anything with wheels. This was also in some horrific heatwave up there and even though we live in Florida and are used to the heat, it was awful. My sons apt is very nice but tiny, so it was a little claustrophobic. I really wanted my daughter to see where her big brother was living, to broaden her horizons a bit. We found this great Irish pub around the corner from his apt that we loved so much we went there 2 nights in a row. In spite of everything we had a fabulous time. My little autistic guy rolled with the punches wherever we went, I had a tupperware container full of letters so he could spell his words and make his logos , and also 24 baby einstein dvds. That seemed to do the trick.

On Thursday we went back to Penn station and took the train up to Utica, and luckily my son decided to join us, that made everything so much easier for me cause he kinda took charge of everything. The train ride up the Hudson was about 5 hours, and it was relaxing and lovely. There was a food car that also made cocktails and I treated myself to an absolute bloody mary. Delightful!

My husband picked us up from Utica and he was very happy to see us, I think he had gotten a little lonely at home without his motley crew! About a half hour away is where his dad lives in the foothills of the adirondack mountains, a beatiful little village. Unfortunately his dad was put in a nursing home(temporarily for rehab) just a week before our visit and didn't seem to be feeling very well so that was upsetting. Still we managed to visit with some friends, one who lives on a beautiful lake where my son and daughter took a motorized barge out and fished for a bit. On fathers day we flew out of Albany into Orlando, and yes I was very glad to get home.

I don't think I'd do the trip exactly that way next time, carrying the luggage and stuff on the subway was a bit much. But it certainly was an adventure and really great to see everybody. Thanks for reading, hope I didn't bore you all!


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Wow Eileen, that sounds like some trip! I'd have passed out for a month if I did all that. Glad you had a good time and got to see a lot of sights.

I noticed you said you are originally from Long Island. What town? I live there and was just wondering. I grew up in Plainview, and now live out in the boonies (Ridge) Lol.



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Originally from Lindenhurst, stayed with my aunt in West Babylon. My cousins now live in Holtsvville, Northport, and Massapequa and the rest are still in West Babylon. Thanks for your comments, and yes, I was exhausted when we got home!

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ez62, sounds like you had a grand adventure. I think I would have stayed and enjoyed all the wonderful food your own private family chef was preparing. Yumm! It was good that you were able to spend extra time with your son. Isn't it nice, to get back to your own home after being away any length of time. I'm glad you had time with family.

Strength and Warmth,



Sheryl Doom

ISN Support Specialist

(Retired) ISN Chat Moderator

International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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What a whirlwind of a trip! SOunds like you had fun, but trips like that are always so much work. The subway system in NY is definately not friendly when you have luggage and kids! Glad to see that you managed and you fun along with great food. That is always a plus! I love NY. I have been there quite a bit the past few years. My daughter sees a neurosurgeon on LI and we always stay in the city to see something new. Heading back in August, but this time without kids. :)




Lisa Bulman

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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

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