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Dr. visit today

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Hi all well finally made it to see internist today. Had blood work, pap smear all last week and results are in. Sed rate-good, calcium-good, potassium good, liver function good, cholesteral -good-blood sugar all good! Lost 10 pounds and thats REAL good as I have been trying so hard to lose it. However the news about my groin pain-they took a chest ray and x-rays of my hips.The dr,said that when someone is on prednisone as long as I have been (1998) its bound to do some damage one being the fact that I do have osteoporosis-this is called vascular necrosis and knowing that although I'm only on 5 mgs,its still done damage because its been so long I'm on them. How I hate that stuff! I told him I'd get off them if thats the case as I don't want some more side effects such as these! He also mentioned the fact that it was all my rheumatologist had me on then I'd better discuss with him which I will do. On the down side I have to do another barium enema (YUK) and another PFT and a bone density. My husband also has to do a barium enema as he's never had one and he's past 65 so its time! His tests were good too except for his diabetes AIC number it was a very high 9. So he gave him another med and said to increase the one he's taking by one whole one instead of a half. He will soon be taking as much meds as I do. He did lose the 7 pounds though so we were glad with that. He must exercise more though and stay away from the foods I tell him he's not supposed to have. We were so tired when we got home and glad that we don't have to go anywhere tomorrow so we can sleep late! Was able to see my youngest son as he lives in the same town where my doctors. are oldest daughter lives there too in fact only about 2 blocks from her little brother but she was at work. I am pleased with my tests though and especially the weight lost. I'd been trying and told my husband I hoped my scale and the doctors would match in numbers and they did so I will keep working at it. The hardest part is to exercise as its painful just to walk so I do what I can when I can. Anyway that's my visit and I'm glad its over until a couple of weeks when I do the tests. Take care all of you and SMILE! hugs Mary-La.

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Sounds like a pretty good visit. Isn't it good when you go to these appointments anticipating some down news, only to find out it's pretty much all good :) !



It is what it is...........

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Congrats on having such good results. This is always welcome news. Good luck on your future tests and good for you for the weight loss. I know it's easy as I have been there. You will continue to do well with the inner drive that you have.


Have a great weekend.


Warm hugs,



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