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Just an interesting observation I thought I would share. A year and a half ago one of my 3 physicians put my on Eltroxin a thyroid medication to help with some of the fatigue. My thyroid tests were very bottom normal so they thought bringing my levels up to mid normal range might help with fatigue and it did to some degree. 2 months ago my primary doctor (who did not really agree) decided to lower the dose in half to .05mg. Two weeks ago when I saw him he said I had been on it now long enough that he wanted to take me off and retest in 5 to 6 weeks to see how the Thyroid would function on it's own. What has surprised me is before SD I use to be a great sleeper go to be 11 asleep 11:15 and wake up at 7. Somewhere in this SD mess I have had trouble getting to sleep and I wake up during the night alot. About 3 days after being taken off the thyroid medication my sleep pattern has gone back to what it was before SD. It has been wonderful getting a good nights sleep. I did not realize it was the medication that never occurred to me I thought it was the mental stress of SD also the lack of activity etc.


Diffused Scleroderma

Diagnosed Dec/06

First Sympton Nov/05

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