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For Cat Owners/Lovers

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I'm hoping that the cat owners/lovers in this forum can give me some tips on dealing with fleas. At least, that's what the vet said was the problem. It seems to be bothering one cat more than the other. Punkin has licked all of the fur off of her belly and it's getting thin on her back legs :( . I put the flea drop medicine on them the first of the week. It's helped Punkin a little, but not much. Do any of you know of some non-toxic treatment I can use on my carpets that might help? If you are going to give me specific brand names please send them to me in a personal message (PM) according to guideline rules.


I appreciate all of the help I can get. It's for sure Punkin will too. :D




Love makes the world go around!

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The only thing I give Shelly is the monthly flea/tick drops on the back of her neck. It seems to work. I've used a few different brands and they all seem to do the trick. I can't imagine why one cat would get it worse than the other. Maybe it's not from fleas and from something else, or a skin problem. Shelly was very itchy and scratched herself to the point where she'd develop scabs. I changed her food to a formula that helps with dry sensitive skin and she's been 100% better since.


If you think that may be the problem, feel free to pm me and I'll give you the name of the food.


Good luck.


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Christy I have had used salt on my carpets last summer it will kill fleas the only draw back is that is made my floors damp feeling. There is a spray you can buy that you can put on your furniture and floors that won't do like the salt. As for your cat punkin its best to get something from them for her. I know they sell stuff at the bigger chain stores but I dont know how effective it is. But it sounds like she is having an allergic reaction to something. I wish you could post a picture of your cat on here. I love cats. 5 years ago I had to get rid of mine, my grandma cousin took her home with her. They lived in Texas. Well my cat passed away last summer. Doug and Doroles said to me a few weeks ago if I find another cat like fat cat let them know that she was the best cat they ever had owned. She was a great cat when I had her too. She wouldnt go potty in the house she wanted to go outside. I did have box in the house for her but she preferred to go out. She never crawled the furniture. Well anyways I am babbling. I can't sleep I have reflux tonight. Good luck with your punkin. Sam


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Its funny about how fleas affect cats differently.My oldest cat is 18 years old and I also had his brother.The white cat was never bothered too mch by them,I also use the monthly drops but his poor brother the gray one would just scratch and bleed and have sores too.One thing about it though if he stayed in the sun it would dry all up and his beautiful fur would grow out again.Somehow that cat knew he needed to be outside so every morning when it was at its worst,he'd go to the door and I'd let him go out.He'd pick a spot in the sun and I don't care how hot it would get he'd stay out all day and in the afternoon he'd come back in.In no time at all he would heal up.Other than that an allergy shot is all that would work besides that.He is now in cat place and I miss him very much but like I said I still have the brother thats all white,Ko-Ko was all gray and fluffy Weezer is solid white and shorthaired and I'm sure that helps too shorter fur.I have the same problem with my two little dogs I'm forever having to bring the one for an allergy shot and I also use the flea drops on them.She doesn't like to be outside though I let them out and as soon as she's done with her bathroom needs she's right back in the house.On the other hand the one that doesn't need the sun is the one who likes to be in it.Crazy huh?I hope yu can find something to help your kitty I hate to see them suffer with anything they're such fun to have around.sometimes its me,hubby 2 dogs and 3 cats all sleeping in the king sized bed!Take care I think I might turn in now I might be able to sleep! I hope.Hugs -kittyears

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