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Razz ~ Absolutely, no payments of any kind!!!!

Much love,


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No air conditioning I am there. Can there be a beach and a mountain side? I think one of these rheumatologist doctors should be so educated that they find out what causes this horrible disease anyway and have a cure.It would be so nice not to have to trek a sweater every where I go.



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I'm going for something sort of Hawaiian: Mountains at your back, the ocean (warm ocean, mind you) in front, lovely hot sand.... We'll need a pool boy to bring us the drinks we can't have now. Ummm, nice.

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Hi all...


I would be the woman in the plastic bubble (since I can't tolerate heat due to my heart thingy) but I am sooooo there.


There would also be 'people mover' sidewalks with comfy chairs that would lift you back to standing after depositing you at your destination for days when you don't want to drive and moisturizing stations. Just pop into a booth and in only a second you are completely hydrated... skin moist, eyes glistening and mouth minty fresh and ready for a good old gab-fest.


All beaches would have warm soft sand that never clings to your feet or hitch-hikes in your bathing suit and inscects would hit an invisable barrier at the border.


Tooth brushes would all be self cleaning and refilling so no one would ever have to deal with a tooth paste cap again.


Dogs would all be litter trained (I have a leg up here since Loki has been since he came home) to use a self cleaning litterpan and would shed only into recepticals that would collect the hair for spinning and weaving into mittens for when we had to venture into the 'bad lands'.


Rain would only happen between the hours of 2am and 6am on alternating days to keep the dust down and the yards green.


Air blower hand driers would be illegal, instead there would be warm hand towels in all public bathrooms.


All doors would be voice or pressure activated so no more struggling to open doors or car doors.


There would be no taxes of any kind since we will be totally funded by the sales of our fido-mittens to the outside world.


And last but not least... we would hold monthly 'Happy Dance-offs' with the prize being a huge crown and sash and a months supply of moisturizer booth tokens!


Oh.... and on the bra subject.... when I buy a new bra I fit it then stitch the fastener closed. It takes a bit of mushing and pushing to get them on after that, but I can't do those little hooks at all and it makes life a little easier.



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Sounds so good I can image it all. I read threw the posts and what great ideas!


I'd like to add a lush garden full of lush plants, shrubs, and lush scented flowers and a warm breeze helping the scent circulate, and of course a gardener to keep it all good for the things we couldn't manage, :blink:

a nice soft swing chair, to relax with my friends and cats and dog close by, :rolleyes: somewhere we could gather to relax chat, vent, relax again and meditate, maybe a covered in spa in the bottom off the garden because it would be so secluded and a safe place to relax and of course always the sun shining and never cold! ;)

so when do we get this place :D it sounds so gooooood! :lol:


live life for today and not for tomorrow


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How about soft comfty sofas, chairs and beds that are easy to get in and out of. All the furniture and household would be free from sharp corners and edges to keep us from bumping our knuckles and knees. An added feature, the house interior and furniture would be dust-proof, where dust would bounce off and float back outdoors.


This place sounds like such a paradise even the healthy people would want to live here!! :lol:





Live well, Laugh often, Love much

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