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Treating One's Self

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Since my sons left home, I find I now tend to treat myself in the food department. I generally eat very little if at all but definitely enjoy good food. I am, I'm told, a fantastic cook in that I over spice in the love department and throughly enjoy cooking as a hobby and for taste. At all block parties and events, my neighbor and best friend Norma are the first tables everyone comes to. Norma, what a cook, her eggplant parm to die for. She always cuts a large wedge for Dane and hides it in the refrigerator so guests don't get at it. I'm known for my homemade piergoies and now empanadas. I'm told piergoies like little pillows, you can see through the dough. I actually sold them when first divorced. Boys and I would be up late at night making pierogies and finally had to give it up; couldn't meet the demand to supply ratio but kept our heads above water at the time. I tend to forget to eat unless prompted and depression is a sure no eater. After every wound care appointment, I visit a high class wine/cheese chain close to the hospital. I cruise the gourmet cheeses and choose several to take home as a treat. I also occasionally treat myself to a high end steak or pre packaged meal. I could never even contemplate that with the boys home! I used to cruise the meat department at the A&P and the meat was generally marked down which allowed the boys to eat at their heart's content.


I find I also go to the little out of the way Italian delis and get their homemade chicken parm. What I also do now is call the local pizzeria and order baked ziti or chicken parm but I tell them just prepare, DON'T cook it. That way I'm in no hurry to eat it down on arrival. I just heat my convection oven and cook and it's like it just got here and if I find I don't want to eat it that night, I freeze and it's ready to go when I am.


What have all my friends here done to treat themselves?



It is what it is...........

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I treat myself to books. I belong to a history and a mystery club, the public library, and there are 2 used book stores here in town. Believe me, I read a lot.

I also treat myself to chocolate chip cookies and classic coke. Sometimes that's what I have for breakfast! :lol:



Love makes the world go around!

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I treat myself by spending time with my husband. We go to the beach every weekend and on Tuesdays which we both have "off." He doesn't work on Tuesdays and I don't have any therapies or dialysis then. I also get a manicure every week and a pedicure every three weeks, as well as a massage once a week. (Feeling more spoiled than Sweet!) I also have a DVD player that I bring to dialysis with me and watch a movie during my treatment. It makes the time go faster.


I also try my best to take in life's little pleasures. Finding a shell or piece of sea glass, being able to go for a walk, talking with a friend.

ISN Artist

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I treat myself to a detox spa here at home its so relaxing and I do from head to toe and I'm done I feel really good. I then do my own nails and toe nails too. I do go and get my hair done every 4 weeks. As for anything else I do here at home. Tru I love to cook and cook all the time Ask Sweet. Well that is what I do


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