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Chocolate versus White Chocolate

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I am a big chocolate eater and don't experience reflux eating chocolate. I do get reflux though but it comes in bouts and I don't think chocolate aggravates it.


Is it the dark chocolate that is the problem, or milk chocolate, what about chocolate drinks or chocolate cake/coated biscuits. I know, I'm getting carried away now :D . I'm curious to know what you all think.


Take care


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The problems with chocolate are not limited to reflux. On our Raynaud's Prevention page, you will find this caution:

Caffeine, cocaine, marijuana, nicotine, novacaine and many herbs and medications restrict blood vessels. So they are a great big no-no for people with Raynaud's!Be on guard for hidden sources of caffeine in tea, soda, chocolate, some aspirins, herbal preparations, and medications.

Caffeine also worsens
heartburn/reflux in Scleroderma by relaxing the esophageal sphincter and allowing the stomach contents to flow back up into the esophagus. It's usually easier to quit caffeine gradually (over the course of a week or so) rather than "cold turkey".

With a minimal amount of research on the web, you will find that chocolate also contains theobromine (the component that makes us feel better when we eat chocolate and which also makes some people and pets quite ill) and polyphenols (antioxidants) which have other healthful benefits to our cardiovascular system. The health benefits are really only attributed to dark chocolate (more than 70% cocoa solids) and then only 1 or 2 squares per day.

White chocolate is nothing but milk solids, cocoa butter and sugar - no health benefits and lots of calories. But it does not contain theobromine or caffeine, so it shouldn't be a problem for reflux or Raynaud's.

The range of colours between white and dark chocolate is determined by the amount of cocoa solids, with the amounts of theobromine, pholyphenols and caffeine increasing as the chocolate gets darker.


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I love, chocolate, dark light and everthing in between. My body though is no longer letting me eat it. No worsening of symptoms, I just dont feel like eating it anymore, all chocolate that is except white chocolate!!!! When I wake up at night with bile in my throat from reflux, I reach for the white chocolate, it is the only thing that takes the burning sick feeling out of my throat!!!!

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I have found that I am okay eating some types of chocolate some of the time and other types of chocolate I can't tolerate at all.


I can no longer drink mochas from my most convenient espresso stand. Even two sips of their chocolate messes with my esophagus as well as the rest of my gastrointestinal tract. :(


For me, it seems the darker and/or fancier the chocolate the worse off I am. Thank goodness I can still eat brownies! :D

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I eat dark chocolate the little one bits things., I agree white choclate is nasty I don't even consider it chocolate to me it has a fake taste to it.. I have always called it fake choclate.

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