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Update on Lisa (Peanut) from Best Friend

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Hello Peanut! So good to see a post from you. You have continually been in my thoughts. You are such a brave soul and a great spirit. Keep up the fighting spirit and this too shall pass.


Peace and blessings!

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Oh my goodness, Shelley...I am so glad you posted this!


I miss her terribly, too...I have been keeping her in my thoughts.


I'm sending good wishes her way with all the {{{{Gentle Hugs}}}} Lisa (Peanut) can handle.


I also hope her special friends, SaraNC is doing well as can be, too.

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You're so on top of things Shelley. I miss her too and think of her often. She is such a trooper and fighter, it's amazing.


Sorry to hear she needs a transplant especially after going through so much healthwise over the past year. She will remain in my thoughts.

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I miss you Peanut/Lisa in chat, too. I hope that all works well with the transplant. I will keep you in my thoughts as always and hope for all the best so that things to work out for you.

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Peanut it is so good to know that you are improving daily. It has been a long road for us followers. For you I can't even immagine what you have had to go through and deal with. Then moving and now a lung transplant. Please have your friend keep us informed even if you can't always do so. Each and every one of us think of you and wonder what each day brings to you and how you are managing that day. When you get a new set of lungs you will be off and running once again. Such awesome work our doctors seem to be able to preform. You get back to us when you can.

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